Moving story

Early advice from our business gurus (friends who already have big, successful, well-established businesses) was to keep it lean for the first year or so, but we’ve finally taken the plunge and moved into an office. It’s a small office, but it’s an office. Premises. A place with Chapel Road Creative on the door.

What’s amazing is how different it feels to work in this space. In just a few days it’s noticeable how much more focused we are, how the environment and space are more conducive to creative flow. And that’s an essential part of all good marketing, which can only benefit our clients.

What’s even more surprising is the shift in customers’ and suppliers’ perceptions – curiosity, interest, introductions, collaboration and new business in a remarkably short space of time.

We’re blessed with a sea view of the North Norfolk coast from the office window which, as working environments go, is pretty special. It may have taken us a while to make the move, but good things are worth waiting for…