Hey Mr Postman


We recently met a man who asked us for some help with his marketing.

“I used to print about 7,000 leaflets, send them out and I’d get one or two responses,” he bemoaned. “But that doesn’t seem to work any more.”

Blimey, we thought, one or two small forests in exchange for a pair of leads. It doesn’t make much business sense, let alone the environmental issues.

If you’re still printing and mailing all of your marketing materials, possibly the only person feeling warm and fuzzy about it is the postman, who thanks you kindly for helping to keep him in a job.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are huge fans of print products, when they are used in a targeted and effective way. We’ll share our passsion for content-based magazines, catalogues and brochures in another post, but it’s horses for courses when it comes to marketing, and dead wood is most definitely not the only way.

We’ve been working with a number of clients on incorporating EDM (that’s electronic direct mail) into their marketing activity. Quick to produce and relatively cost-lite, with more people looking for consumer and business services online, this is an optimum way to target prospects or maintain a relationship with customers – without the need for a stamp.

Design can be as simple or sophisticated as you like, with overt sales messaging or ‘interesting’ content to tease readers’ attention and, of course, that precious click through to your website or email.

If you are planning your next marketing push, please give us a call at Chapel Road Creative and we’ll be delighted to come and help you to save a penny, the planet’s resources and the prospect of a declining P&L statement.









What’s that then?



And we’re off… Chapel Road Creative has been 10 years in the making. I don’t mean that we’ve procrastinated so badly that an entire decade has passed, but our intention to create a content marketing agency that blends our skills and experience in editing and design was hatched long ago.

Unfortunately a great job came along and the plan was hijacked, with the twists and turns of life thrown in the mix. We worked side by side for all those years, but it took the start of 2014 and some monumental mountains to climb in the first few weeks that prompted us to go back to our original premise – that using our creativity to make a simple, enjoyable and successful living really shouldn’t be that hard.

So here we are. What an exciting place to be.

The first question we’ve been asked is, ‘What is content marketing?’

There seem to be a cagillion posts on this hot marketing topic, and I suspect many come from people who don’t really understand either content or marketing. There are some cunning thoughts on tricks and tips to get yourself seen by Google; how to max the numbers on social media channels; and even why millennials only want to read what they can see on their smartphones.

To our mind, successful content marketing is about getting the right message to the right audience in the right form at the right time. Right?

By editorialising that message, there’s a whole opportunity to engage with your customers – existing or potential – with a message that goes beyond the unsophisticated, ‘Look at this then buy it’.

Of course, consistently presenting this in a visually enticing way is equally key – the dullest message can (almost) work with the most fabulous creative and, conversely, a great message can be lost by dull, poorly executed design.

But what if you could strike that happy blend between visual impact and compelling content – bingo! You just envisaged content marketing.

We are so convinced by the power of great content marketing, that it’s at the very heart of our business concept. We’d love to share our vision, so please take us up on our offer of a FREE marketing audit to see the difference it can make to your business.