Are you feeling inspired?

Wow, over the months we’ve been lucky enough to chat with some inspiring business authors and gurus for a project we’re working on.

Some of the advice seems blindingly obvious when you think about it, such as Nigel Botterill’s advice to spend 90-minutes every day working on your business to achieve success. That’s 90-minutes not worrying about your customers, your ‘to do’ list or emails, but focusing on precisely what it is that you need to grow your company. We’re still working on hitting this target, but it makes absolute sense to us.

We also recently talked with Laurence McCahill of the Happy Startup School who, along with co-founder Carlos Saba, created a digital agency before transitioning to helping entrepreneurs to make their business ideas reality. They have an amazing ethos and we’re seriously tempted by their September Happy Startup Summer Camp which looks superb. They’re changing our thinking about networking and conferences – instead of being intimidating and gung-ho, they invite delegates to unwind, deal with the nitty-gritty stuff and do some fun stuff along the way, like learning the ukulele and enjoying a karaoke sauna. Not your average conference –bring on the business revolution!

We relish great advice, and it’s all great food for thought as Chapel Road Creative passes its first anniversary. It’s been an amazing first year, and we’re working with some fantastic companies to help them strengthen their marketing approach. Now our challenge is to focus on the ‘what next?’ step of our journey – growth, expanding our team and potentially a move. Exciting times ahead – give us a shout if we can offer some marketing advice to inspire you.