Digitally diligent

Update your site

What’s the news?

As new business launches go, we’ve been amazed and pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome we’ve received from Norfolk companies looking for some help or fresh thinking about their marketing activity.

In just a few short months, we’ve expanded our client list and have a number of exciting projects to help them develop in 2015, and we recently freshened up our website with details of some of these.

We say it so often it’s almost a mantra, but if you’re not looking at your own website on a regular basis (and by regular we mean at least monthly), you’re exposing your company to risk.

If that sounds dramatic, think of it this way – if a prospective customer lands on your site, would it impress them enough to pick up the phone and talk with you? Does your website look contemporary? Does the content reflect all that your business does, or have you added to your services since it launched but never got round to updating the site? And if your site has a news section or blog, how ‘new’ is the latest post? If you can’t answer any of these questions without looking, chances are you need to take action.

Along with a site that you and your colleagues can be proud to point potential customers towards there are, of course, those lovely SEO Brownie points to be earned through refreshed content, which in turn helps to improve your visibility. If you struggle to come up with ideas for content, can we modestly suggest that you give us a call, we’d love to help you get things straightened out.


Good tweeting


So, way back in week one, we were asked by to create a logo for the @WNTweetup – a quick project that we were delighted to turn around after meeting her and a fantastic bunch of tweeps.

Since then we’ve had great fun tweeting and joining in the banter with some amazing businesses across our county and beyond. It’s early days and we’re still very much NKOTB, but what Twitter and other social media channels bring are a strong sense of community, connecting like-minded individuals and companies, all waving their banner.

It has been suggested that social media has eclipsed the website as a marketing tool, conveying far more about a company, its brand, values, customer engagement and personality. While we reckon the ‘old-fashioned’ website is still with us for a while, offering an unmissable shop front with the world, social media marketing can undoubtedly boost your business immeasurably.

To put this in context, we recently helped a client to market a leisure event on the North Norfolk coast. It grew its audience 1,000 per cent year-on-year using targeted consumer specialist display advertising, a regional newspaper supplement and a healthy dose of PR. But the magic secret ingredient? Social media. Each time a tweet or a post went live, ticket sales went through the roof. That’s real time business growth, right before your eyes.

But how do you go beyond the quick hit, keep the conversation going once you’ve caught the eye of your prospective customer? That’s where long-form marketing can work wonders – continuing the narrative, telling your story through blogs, interviews, case studies, articles and thought-leadership features.

If it sounds like an awful lot of effort, think how just 140-characters can boost your business profile – then consider how extending the messaging across all areas of your advertising and marketing collateral could impact your bottom line. We’re ready to help you make every word priceless.


Nice to meet you…


Week two, and we’ve been out and about, meeting some of North Norfolk’s businesses.

First we headed to a @WNTweetup, organised by Stella Gooch on behalf of Hunstanton On-line and hosted by ECS Computers. It was a fun evening during which we met a former Department for Trade employee, proving it is a small world indeed (BTW, have you read our interview with Norfolk man Sir James Dyson for UK Trade & Investment’s springboard magazine?) over tea and cake. We were delighted to be asked to create an ID for the group, which you can check out and follow here.

We met a number of companies that have been developed around people’s passions. Louise from Hands4Hounds told us about her amazing dog massage service. The proud owner of three labs, she’s created a thriving business around something she loves doing, proving the oft-quoted Confucius mantra, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ We also met the lovely Mary of Knotty Leads who, with her daughter, Melissa, uses the traditional craft of hand-knotting cord to make personalised dog leads and collars. Maybe a dog’s life isn’t such a bad one, after all.

We also bumped into Kev of The Solar Shed who talks almost as quickly and animatedly as we do. A man of many talents and interests, he aims to get the whole of the UK using renewable energy from his shed at the bottom of his garden. Ranked #43 as an influencer in his sector, he clearly knows his stuff, and we were delighted when he invited us to join him at BNI Hanse the following Tuesday morning.

Despite an early start on a hugely soggy post-Bank Holiday Tuesday, we hurtled along to The Globe to join 23 North Norfolk firms for a busy business breakfast briefing. While Kev set up for his 10-minute presentation, we had a chat with Paul White, senior architectural designer (what an awesome job!) at Russen & Turner, and it was interesting to have him confirm our view that business in Norfolk is gently booming.

What a great time to be starting out! We think we’re convinced about BNI being a good way to expand our network, so fingers crossed we will feel the love of Norfolk’s growth soon. In the meantime, if you know a company needing some help and guidance on marketing and design, send them our way, we’re feeling rather sociable.