Back to school

Gold star marketing

Gold star marketing

Pencil sharpened, shoes shined. The French call it la rentrée, but that back to school feeling is a lovely one, isn’t it? A new start after the languid summer months. It’s a great time to review how your marketing has been performing, consider fresh ideas to achieve goals during the last quarter and plan activity to achieve next year’s business objectives.

We recently chatted with a managing director whose business is split over three separate yet complementary leisure sites. “Each of the site managers are responsible for coming up with idea to market their business,” he remarked. It’s an approach we’ve seen before across many burgeoning industries, and inevitably results in silo marketing where – a little like a horse in a race – the marketing team is so busy racing to its respective finish line, it forgets to cast an eye sideways at how the department next door might help improve its performance through some canny cross-selling.

Think of it from a user journey perspective. If I’ve bought something from you, the chances are I feel pretty warm about your company already, and so a different proposition from you has more likelihood of getting me to reach for my credit card for a second time, than a cold call from an unknown rival.

Customer loyalty is precious and to be nurtured at every opportunity. But while it’s important not to market in a vacuum, it’s equally important not to consider customers as static entities. While I might enjoy a low-cost break with the kids, I might also be looking for a luxury weekend break for our anniversary or a day on the golf course for my husband’s birthday. Don’t pigeon-hole me because of where I first began my customer experience with you.

Strategic marketing isn’t rocket science, but sometimes an external view can provide fresh insight to help bolster your business growth. Give us a call at Chapel Road Creative and we’ll be delighted to help you and your team with some gold star ideas.